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The Hungarian Uprising of 1956 - the time when the hungarians rised up for a revolution against the Soviet/communist opression and dictatorship. The hungarian freedom fighters fought bravely, delivering the freedom to Hungary and the nation, showing the world that Hungary and it´s people should not and can not be rouled by any foreign power, even if they must rise against the devil itself. They fought bravely with they hand guns, molotov coctails and bare hands wanting, democracy, multi party system, their own government and freedom, rised up against the biggest power of those times the Soviet Red Army. They fought and died for freedom. Hungary called after help from the International Community and the USA, the promises came - but their help never. The Hungarian Freedom fighters were those who with the 1956 revolution changed the circle of time, their fight was the begining of fall of the Iron Curtain.

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