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Transsylvanien - myt eller verklighet

Hungary 1956

Trianonfreden 1920

Hungarians call for local Autonomy

Resolution of the Székely National Assembly in Ditró

The Manifest Of The Grand Székely
Assembly - March 15.

Ungern - staten med 1000 årig tradition

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This site contains and provides English, Swedish and Hungarian based type of news and information. Our intention is to throw light and brighten western medias knowledge and increase the public knowledge about hungarians and Hungarian minorites in the Carpathian Basin. Monitoring of human rights and minority rights are also matters of a great concern. Of course there is a lot more here to explore. HUNSOR want´s to be, a connection and meeting place of hungarians living in Scandinavia and hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin and Worldwide. On our English pages you can find links on Hungarian organisations, information on Hungary and it's institutions, about Hungarian minorities beyond borders and much more.

Ütköző:  Romania’s prime minister threatens Transylvanian Hungarian politicians with hanging


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