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Resolution of the Székely National Assembly in Ditró
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Source: Székely National Council

The Resolution
by all Székely people on sub-state self-government of
the Székelyland

  The Resolution
makes public the principles of the sub-state self-determination of the Székely People

I. The National Assembly of all Székelys, who, through their representatives, gathered in Ditró on 18 June 2006, declares the Székely People's right to self-determination, and, based on this right, demands the sub-state self-government of the Székelyland.

II. The Székely National Assembly deliniates the provisional borders of Székelyland, incorporating the traditional Székely széks (Latin Sedes, or sel-governing territorial units) of lands as indicated in the Statutes adopted by the Székely National Council and layed in Romania Parliament.

III. Concurrently, the Székely National Assembly determines the following principles concerning the sub-state self-government of Székelyland:
  1. Full and real freedom and equality for all peoples of Székelyland. Every people has the right to govern itself through representatives elected from its own ranks, to preserve its national identity, to have access to supplementary measures in protection of its identity, and to have educational, cultural and administrative institutions, as well as decision-making, executive and judicial bodies of its own, according to its numerical ratio.
  2. A region representing an appropriate level of subsidiarity and real self-government, which must be respected, by a country participating in European integration as a basic principle of its special internal organization.
  3. A regional power which has a democratically established decision-making organization, a wide-ranging autonomy in the democratic practice of functions, and is in the possession of the means necessary to fulfill its duties.
  4. Equality for every recognized religions denomination.
  5. A social-political order characterized by the rule of law in all walks of life. Full direct and indirect democracy.
  6. Guarantee of private ownership, of free enterprise, of equal opportunities in the economy, and solidarity in economic development. A social market economy. Economic and financial autonomy. 90 % of the taxes should remain in the Székelyland.

IV. The Székely National Assembly demands:

  1. Demands that in Romania, norms practiced in the European Union be observed, and that the Székely People, similarly to the autonomous communities of the European Union, experience the self-government of Székelyland.
  2. The President, the Parliament and the Government of Romania immediately start negotiations on the establishment, by law, of Székelyland autonomous administrative region with the Székely National Council, the representative body of the Székely autonomy aspirations, in order to sign an agreement on the guarantee of the autonomous status of the Székelyland, not later than September 30.
  3. The Assembly calls on the Székely National Council that, in case this agreement fails for materialize, it convene in autumn 2006 a Székely National Assembly to decide on the ways and means of the enforcement of the Székely People's right to self-determination, to demand of the Great Powers signatory is the Trianon Peace Treaty that they remedy the denial of rights of Transylvanian Hungarians in the past 86 years, and to demand of the UN and the EU to garantee, by international agreement, the autonomy of the Székelyland as the recognition of its right to self-determination.
  4. We ask the Hungarian government to provide support and protection for the Székelyland autonomy aspirations.

V. The Székely National Assembly commissions the Székely National Council to represent the will of the Székely People, to ensure the self-organization of Székely society and that of Székelyland, and to represent Székelyföld abroad and within the country alike.

Self-determination for the Székely People - Self-government for Székelyland

Székelyudvarhely, June 18, 2006.

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