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The harrasment of Vojvodina Hungarians - Resolution RC6-0518/2005
resolution adopted on Thursday 29 September 2005
European Parliament publication

In its resolution on Vojvodina, adopted with 88 votes in favour, none against and 2 abstentions, Parliament expresses its deep concern at the repeated breaches of human rights and the lack of law and order in that province.

It calls on the authorities in the Republic of Serbia and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro to acknowledge these violent acts as criminal acts according to the legislation in force, and insists on the importance of immediate and effective action, so that similar events are not left unremedied and are prevented in the future. Parliament intends to continue its monitoring of the situation in Vojvodina, in particular with regard to the content and principles of the Stability and Association Agreement, requesting regular consultations with the Commission and Council during this procedure.

MEPs support the initiative taken by its Inter-parliamentary Delegation for relations with the countries of South-East Europe for a public hearing on the minority and political situation in Vojvodina. They reaffirm their willingness to use their budgetary powers both to assist and to bring pressure to bear on Serbia-Montenegro, in order to encourage respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, including minority rights.

Parliament calls on the authorities in the Republic of Serbia and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro to reinstate the autonomy Vojvodina enjoyed until 1990 and to reinstate the real powers of the regional parliament of Vojvodina in the field of education and the media, so as to enable the regional parliament to develop adequate policies in this multi-ethnic region.

They urge the Commission, the Council and the High Representative to monitor closely developments in Vojvodina, paying closer attention to the high security risk which the harassment of minorities in Vojvodina represents and calls, therefore, for EU monitors (EUMM) to be sent to the province.

Parliament finally reminds the Government of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro and the Government of Serbia that the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms, the founding elements of the Stabilisation and Association process and the rule of law are prerequisites for the European Parliament's assent to the conclusion of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement and any future partnership with the European Union in general.

REF.: 20050926IPR00726

source: www.europarl.eu.int
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