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    Unwillingly and under enormous pressure by the Great powers, after the end of I. w.w. on 4th July 1920 in Versailles, Paris, France, the Hungarian delegation has been forced to signed the "Peace Treaty" which dismembered the 1000 years old country grounded by Saint Stephen (Szent István), the first hungarian King. 2/3 of Hungary's territory had been given to those surrounding countries, which actually occupied it.

    The resulting "treaty" lost Hungary an unprecedented 2/3 of her territory, and 1/2 of her total population or 1/3 of her Hungarian-speaking population. Add to this the loss of up to 90% of vast natural resources, industry, railways, and other infrastructure.

    The Paris Peace Treaty, "The Treaty of Trianon",(where the Hungarians were severely punished because being allied with the Germans in the war) not just dismembered Hungarythe central European state, (which has been the fortress and defender of Christianity for 500 hundred years against the invading Turks) but also made homeless 4.7 millions of Hungarians, which with the new borders were no longer the citizens of their own country, but the citizens of surrounding countries, which actually occupied it.

    The rights on using their own language in schools, government institutions, news and media is or are severely limited or forbidden, the thousand years old cities and villages were (and still are) not allowed to ware their original Hungarian names on the road signs, all the property which has been confiscated from big land lords and the Catholic church, after the first & second World War, are still in state possession.

    In lots of cases, the Hungarians still live in discrimination, just because they are Hungarians.

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